Bursa Merinos Energy Museum

Old Bursa people know, there was once the Merinos factory, then Sümerbank and so on, but of course both of these are history, but the place where the Merinos factory was located is now being used for a wide variety of purposes, a part of it was given to Bursa Technical University, it became a … Read more

Bursa Green Tomb

The Green Mausoleum, Bursa’s most well-known mausoleum, even famous for its tiles, is the most recognizable structure of the Green Complex, and the architect of the Mausoleum is Hacı İvaz Paşaş, the Guardian of Bursa.The Green Mausoleum was completed 40 days before the death of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed II. The Green Tomb was completed 40 … Read more

Bursa Green Mosque

The Green Mosque is one of the examples of early Ottoman Architecture and its construction was started during the reign of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed and completed in 1422 during the reign of his son Murad II.It belongs to the group of inverted T-planned buildings.The Architect of the Green Mosque and the Green Tomb is Hacı … Read more

Kaklik Cave – Denizli

Kaklık Cave is located on Denizli-Afyon-Ankara, Denizli-Çivril Road, 30 km from Denizli city center, 45 km from Pamukkale, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, 3 km from the main tour center on the International Çardak Airport road route, in Honaz district, Kaklık Town, “Kaklık Cave” is a unique example of a cave with … Read more

Monastery of Hagios Aberkios

In Bursa Kurşunlu, there is a monastery that is not in use but still beautiful, Hagios Aberkios Monastery dating from the 9th century, I could not get much information about this monastery, I only got some information from the Monastery Tekel Dealer next to it 🙂 that’s all, they were useless information anyway. In the … Read more

Saitabat Waterfall

If you live in Bursa, you have surely heard of Saitabat Waterfall, and even the name Saitabat Village Women’s Association has been on the agenda for the last 4-5 years. The last time I came to Saitabat Waterfall was maybe 10-15 years ago, nothing much has changed after all that time, but there is nowhere … Read more

Inegol – Cerrah

A small part of my childhood was spent in Inegol, of course, I broke away from Inegol when I said school was an exam, and other provinces where I spent one fourth of my life, other adventures prevented me from reliving the best memories of my childhood. School is over, work is done, this time … Read more

Haji Seyfuddin Mosque

There is a small mosque on Incirli Street in Bursa, I passed by this mosque maybe thousands of times, I thought the mosque was quite old but I didn’t think it was this old. The mosque was built in 1481, not Hijri Rumi or anything like that, it was built in 1481 according to the … Read more

Tomb of Osman Gazi

The mausoleum of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, is located in Bursa and today is situated in the Tophane neighborhood. According to the introductory sign at the entrance of Osman Gazi Tomb, “During the siege of Bursa, Osman Gazi (b.1258 – d.1326) showed his son Orhan Gazi the domed structure in the … Read more

Gazi Orhan Mosque

In Bursa, just above the long bazaar, above the flower passage or adjacent to the entrance of one of the 4 doors of Koza Han, there is a small but historically valuable mosque and its name is Gazi Orhan Mosque. Although I knew it as Orhangazi Mosque, but I was curious about the reason why … Read more