Bursa Green Mosque

The Green Mosque is one of the examples of early Ottoman Architecture and its construction was started during the reign of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed and completed in 1422 during the reign of his son Murad II.It belongs to the group of inverted T-planned buildings.The Architect of the Green Mosque and the Green Tomb is Hacı İvaz Paşadır.The Nakkas of the mosque are Ali bin İlyas and Mehmet el Mecnun.The Green Mosque was built using only stone and covered with marble slabs.On the upper floor of the two-storey mosque is the Hünkar Mahfili, which was first applied in this mosque in the Ottoman period.

One of the last important guests of the Green Mosque was Queen Elizabeth, who listened to the Qur’an in the Green Mosque and visited the Green Tomb.

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