Bursa Merinos Energy Museum

Old Bursa people know, there was once the Merinos factory, then Sümerbank and so on, but of course both of these are history, but the place where the Merinos factory was located is now being used for a wide variety of purposes, a part of it was given to Bursa Technical University, it became a wedding hall, a congress center, tea gardens, restaurants.In short, the Merinos factory will continue to live in memories.

We will introduce the Energy Museum, which is one of the last pillars of this transformation.When I thought of the energy museum, I thought of a museum with all kinds of energy generating machines, but this is not the case, the museum here consists of 4 AEG brand steam turbines with a power of 1575 kw and their boilers and auxiliary parts, which were established to provide electricity to the Merinos factory and Bursa.In short, the coal power plant was cleaned and turned into a museum.

In the museum, there are many accessories such as official documents, gas lamps, refrigerators, washing machines, radios, mugs, etc. It is of course a pleasing situation that the place, which used to be the place of wine sellers, has become a place to visit for children and everyone.

I have taken a few photos for you, and I recommend you to visit it too.

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