Bursa Green Mosque

The Green Mosque is one of the examples of early Ottoman Architecture and its construction was started during the reign of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed and completed in 1422 during the reign of his son Murad II.It belongs to the group of inverted T-planned buildings.The Architect of the Green Mosque and the Green Tomb is Hacı … Read more

Haji Seyfuddin Mosque

There is a small mosque on Incirli Street in Bursa, I passed by this mosque maybe thousands of times, I thought the mosque was quite old but I didn’t think it was this old. The mosque was built in 1481, not Hijri Rumi or anything like that, it was built in 1481 according to the … Read more

Gazi Orhan Mosque

In Bursa, just above the long bazaar, above the flower passage or adjacent to the entrance of one of the 4 doors of Koza Han, there is a small but historically valuable mosque and its name is Gazi Orhan Mosque. Although I knew it as Orhangazi Mosque, but I was curious about the reason why … Read more

Iznik Hagia Sophia Orhan Mosque

I felt excited even while writing this article, imagine how I felt while you were visiting…The mosque I will introduce in this article is a unique church mosque, which is one of the mosques converted from a church to a mosque after the conquest, which is the Ottoman tradition, and where extremely important events for … Read more