Gazi Orhan Mosque

In Bursa, just above the long bazaar, above the flower passage or adjacent to the entrance of one of the 4 doors of Koza Han, there is a small but historically valuable mosque and its name is Gazi Orhan Mosque. Although I knew it as Orhangazi Mosque, but I was curious about the reason why Gazi came before Orhan 🙂

The mosque was built by Orhangazi in 1339.The ownership of the mosque currently belongs to the General Directorate of Foundations.The mosque is one of the first buildings of the Ottoman Empire and has an inverted “T” plan.

There are 2 large domes on the mosque, there are 2 small domes on the sides of the dome in the middle. At the entrance of the mosque, there are 5 porticoed last congregation places, 3 of which are covered with domes.

The mosque was badly damaged during Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey’s invasion of Bursa in 1413, and it was repaired and reopened for worship in 1417 by Vizier Beyazid Bey during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II.

The presence of spolia such as Byzantine columns and column heads in the mosque adds an archaic air to the mosque. The decorations in the mosque are extremely simple. 14 century. There are beautiful examples of plaster workmanship, which is common in Anatolia.

There is a brick minaret with a polygonal body in the northeast corner of the mosque. The brick rosettes, sun course and double hedgehog eaves on the facades add a rich atmosphere to the mosque.

Although Orhan Bey Mosque was included in history as a structure consisting of six buildings consisting of inn, bathhouse, soup kitchen, imarethane, zawiye and school, there is no other structure other than the inn and bathhouse.

After giving brief information, it’s time for the photos I took…

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