Gökdere and Kamberler Park Historical Artifacts

The people of Bursa know Gökdereyi, and recently it is the starting point of the nostalgic tram that will be built by the Bursa Municipality. I have passed by Gökdereyi thousands of times, and the mosque that I used to see as an ordinary mosque is actually a mosque of historical value.

And moreover, in the same place there is a mausoleum, a historical masjid, an unnamed masjid, and a historical ruin that I liken to the arches of a bridge.

Bursa Municipality has restored many historical places, I wonder why these works were not fully finalized while the Kamberler Park was being built.

In addition, the reason why these historical masjids remain hidden is because they remain in the neighborhood of the Roma living in the same location and remain hidden among the houses.

If anyone has information about these artifacts, we would like to learn.

In this picture, the busts of the sultans who lived in Bursa are seen collectively. There are the busts of Osmangazi, Orhangazi, Murad I (Hüdavendigar), Yıldırım Bayezid, Cem Sultan, Murad II.

Osmanbey, who was born in Söğüt in 1258, is the son of Ertuğrul Gazi. (I heard them referred to as Osmancık in a movie.) He is from the Kayı tribe of the Bozok branch of the Oghuzs. Osman Bey, who settled around Söğüt Domaniç with his father, founded the Ottoman Principality during the principalities period.

Osmanbey took Karacahisar, Yarhisar, Bilecik and Inegol from the Byzantines.In 1301, he took Yenisehir and made it the center of the principality.In 1302, he won the battle of Koyunhisar.He besieged Iznik and Bursa, and after 10 years of siege, he passed away without taking Bursa.Upon his will, he was buried in the Gümüşlü Kümbet (Saint Elia Monastery) in Tophane.

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