Monastery of Hagios Aberkios

In Bursa Kurşunlu, there is a monastery that is not in use but still beautiful, Hagios Aberkios Monastery dating from the 9th century, I could not get much information about this monastery, I only got some information from the Monastery Tekel Dealer next to it 🙂 that’s all, they were useless information anyway.

In the pictures there is a stone grave cover that I call a sarcophagus cover, something like our saint’s sarcophagus, I asked about it, and there are ruins, there were columns and ruins in the grass next to the monastery, I asked about them, what they said was, that sarcophagus cover came from somewhere else, I don’t know if the municipality left it or not, they said that those columns came from somewhere else, they didn’t intend to talk much, so I didn’t force them.

Anyway, I won’t say much, you can make your own interpretation by looking at the pictures of the monastery, I won’t be able to give much artistic information such as who this monastery belonged to or which architectural movement it benefited from, if anyone can, we would be pleased.

The floor of the monastery looks like marble, but I don’t know if they dug it or carved it, I don’t know what kind of smuggling of historical artifacts there was, but I am very curious about the history of this Hagios Aberkios Monastery…

Have a good watch…

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