Saitabat Waterfall

If you live in Bursa, you have surely heard of Saitabat Waterfall, and even the name Saitabat Village Women’s Association has been on the agenda for the last 4-5 years.

The last time I came to Saitabat Waterfall was maybe 10-15 years ago, nothing much has changed after all that time, but there is nowhere left to visit, frankly, I didn’t know what to do when I went, and when I made this trip during Ramadan and while fasting, I wandered around idly 🙂

The direct answer to the question of what is there in Saitabat Waterfall is that there is only a waterfall, and there are places to eat, there is nothing else. The waterfall is exactly the same, but the stream part has deteriorated due to floods and now there were reclamation works, the bridge is being built, in short, I went at a bad time.

As you will see in the pictures, the waterfall is not so spectacular, but it is still a beauty of nature, I went to the bottom of it, the water is quite cold, the depth of the place where the water is collected is a knee-deep at most, you will see in the pictures, people including me entered the water and cooled off, children entered, there is not much to swim, but it cools, it is better than nothing 🙂

There are places where you can eat trout along the stream, where you can have village breakfasts. There is a place opened by the Saitabat Village Women’s Association, which is constantly shown in the news, especially on Bursa TVs. You can have a village breakfast, like a beautiful historical place, I didn’t go inside, I was already fasting, there is no need to force ourselves in vain, but as far as I watched on TVs, they have nice delicious breakfasts, tea pleasure, honey cream jam, whatever comes to your mind is available.

Saitabat Waterfall is such a place, I don’t know what more can be done, but I think that the beauties of Saitabat other than just waterfalls and breakfast should be revealed, if any….

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