Tomb of Archer Baba

There is the Tomb of Timurtaş Pasha opposite the Red Crescent in Bursa, Timurtaş Pasha forms the beginning of the Tophane slope and a little above it is the Tomb of Okçu Baba.

The Tomb of Okçu Baba originally belongs to a man named Nasreddin Bey or Nusret Pasha. It is known that the area where the Balıbey inn, which is known to be a soldier, is now restored and put into operation, as well as a few shops and houses belong to the Nusret Pasha foundation.

Archer Baba is known to have lived in the 16th century according to the archives. It is predicted that the name Archer comes from being a soldier and being good at archery.

Nusret Pasha also has a complex consisting of a mosque, inn and fountain in Karacabey.

The tomb has a square plan, it measures 3.45×3.45 meters. If you look at the photos of the tomb, you will already understand how small it is. It was a very difficult place for a 2-meter person like me, you take a photo, but there was not enough space to show the whole area.

There are many rumors about the tomb, I remember when I was little, when the archer left a full pitcher to the tomb of the father, the pitchers were empty in the morning and took ablution.

Although the archer and bow making seems simple from the outside, they say that it takes 50 years for an arrow to become a complete arrow, and this Archer Baba was such a talented archer that he was going to die, he goes to the summit of Uludağ with the last breath of life and says, I will throw my arrow and I want to be buried where it falls, he throws his arrow and surrenders his life there. Upon his will, they built his tomb where his arrow fell, but due to the Bursa Earthquake of 1860, the Tomb of Archer Baba was rebuilt in its current place a little away from its old place.

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