Tomb of Orhan Gazi

I have visited the tomb of Orhangazi, the son of Osmangazi, the 2nd ruler of the Ottoman Empire, many times before, but this time I have visited it once again for you and I would like to introduce it to you with my amateur photographs. Again, I would like to state that I cannot provide you with satisfactory information, but I think I have closed this gap with my photographs.

Let’s start to visit the tomb of Orhangazi, who conquered Bursa.

First of all, the mausoleum belongs to Orhangazi, who ruled for 34 years (1326-1360). He conquered Bursa in 1326, which Osman Gazi wanted very much. The mausoleum was destroyed in the great earthquake in 1855 and was rebuilt by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1863.

The rebuilt mausoleum is in its old place and was built on its foundations.The mausoleum has a black plan and is a domed structure.The entrance part faces south and is decorated with pink marble.The dome is held by 4 main columns.The columns are made of bricks and given the appearance of marble with oil paint.The places where visitors walk around are covered with a half barrel vault (I don’t know what it means).

We will see the same designs in this tomb in the tombs of Murad I and Murad II. On the floor of the tomb there are interlaced mosaic stones from the Byzantine monastery of Profitis Elias.

Orhan Gazi’s sarcophagus is in the center of the mausoleum and there are 14 sarcophagi around it, including his wife Nilüfer Hatun, his son Kasım Çelebi, his daughter Fatma Sultan, Cem Sultan’s son Abdullah, Bayezid II’s son Korkud, Yıldırım Bayezid’s son Musa Çelebi and others whose names are unknown.

After briefly giving information about Orhan Gazi Tomb, let’s move on to the pictures…

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