Bursa Green Tomb

The Green Mausoleum, Bursa’s most well-known mausoleum, even famous for its tiles, is the most recognizable structure of the Green Complex, and the architect of the Mausoleum is Hacı İvaz Paşaş, the Guardian of Bursa.The Green Mausoleum was completed 40 days before the death of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed II. The Green Tomb was completed 40 … Read more

Tomb of Osman Gazi

The mausoleum of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, is located in Bursa and today is situated in the Tophane neighborhood. According to the introductory sign at the entrance of Osman Gazi Tomb, “During the siege of Bursa, Osman Gazi (b.1258 – d.1326) showed his son Orhan Gazi the domed structure in the … Read more

Tomb of Orhan Gazi

I have visited the tomb of Orhangazi, the son of Osmangazi, the 2nd ruler of the Ottoman Empire, many times before, but this time I have visited it once again for you and I would like to introduce it to you with my amateur photographs. Again, I would like to state that I cannot provide … Read more

Tomb of Archer Baba

There is the Tomb of Timurtaş Pasha opposite the Red Crescent in Bursa, Timurtaş Pasha forms the beginning of the Tophane slope and a little above it is the Tomb of Okçu Baba. The Tomb of Okçu Baba originally belongs to a man named Nasreddin Bey or Nusret Pasha. It is known that the area … Read more

Tomb of Sultan Yildirim Bayezid

When I bought this website, I had already made my plans, I had already made a list of the places I was going to visit, and it was destined to be today.I was born in the Yıldırım district of Bursa, I grew up here and I live here.Obviously, I love Yıldırım very much.The fact that … Read more